Why MyFairLadybug?

Hi.  Are you curious as to "Why" the name of this site is My Fair Ladybug?  Well, you are not alone.  Many ask me, Why?  Why name your business My Fair Ladybug?  You don't have many "ladybug" items for sale.  You don't sell a lot of Black and Red Polka dot stuff? So, Why?  Well, mainly because My Fair Unicorn just doesn't sound as good. 

I LOVE Unicorns... Mostly because they are magical, mystical and purely a fantasy based creature.  We all need something to believe in or love when we are children that will take you far from the "Dark and Scary places" that we sometimes find as children.  My something was the Unicorn. 

In all seriousness, though.  I love nature, the outdoors, animals and people too.  And My Fair Ladybug, just rolls off your tongue, doesn't it?  And to be honest, that is about the only bug I truly “LOVE”.    Ladybugs have been historically thought of as "lucky", and they are so darn cute.  Who doesn't like ladybugs? They are part of the beetle family and are farmers best friends. They eat aphids and other harmful garden pests allowing the fruits (and vegetables) to flourish.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into the life of My Fair Ladybug and will come back often to read more.   There future content will grow and change over the next several months with a variety of subjects including, jewelry stories, tutorials, crafts,  adventures and more. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

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